Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise (CRUZEX) is a multinational and operational exercise promoted by Brazilian Air Force (BAF) since 2002, aiming at joint training of conflict scenarios and promoting exchanges of experiences among the participating countries.

The 2018 edition, which will take place from November 18 to 30, in Ala 10, in Natal (RN), will bring together 13 countries, including Brazil, around 100 Brazilian and foreign military aircraft. It is the largest multinational and joint training peformed by Brazilian Air Force – as it also gathers Brazilian Army and Navy. The prediction is among 1200 to 1300 hours of flight.

The main innovation of CRUZEX 2018 is the unconventional warfare scenario (UW scenario), in which combat is against insurgent or paramilitary forces and not between two constituted States. These are situations found in missions where the United Nations (UN) operates.

In this edition, Brazil, Canada, Chile, United States, France, Peru and Uruguay will participate with militaries and aircraft. Germany, Bolivia, India, Portugal, Sweden and Venezuela will participate with militaries.

Previous editions:

CRUZEX I – 2002
Countries: Brazil, Argentina and France
Observer: Chile
Aircraft: Brazil ((F-5, F-103, A-1, AT-27, RA-1, R-99, C-115, C-95, KC-137, KC-130, P-95, UH-1H, CH-34, UH-50); France (Mirage 2000, E-3, KC-135); and Argentina (M-V, KC-130)
Places: Florianópolis Air Base (SC), Lajes (SC), Chapecó (SC), Canoas Air Base (RS), Santa Maria Air Base (RS), Pelotas (RS), Caxias do Sul (RS) and Passo Fundo (RS).


CRUZEX II – 2004
Countries: Brazil, Argentina, France and Venezuela
Observers: Peru, Uruguay and South Africa
Aircraft: Brazil (F-5, F-103, A-1, AT-27, RA-1, R-99, R-35, C-95, SC-95, KC-130, KC-137, H-34, H-50, H-1H); Argentina (Mirage 2000, E-3F, KC-135); and Venezuela (F-16, Mirage 50, Super Puma, B-707)
Places: Natal Air Base (RN), Lajes (SC), Fortaleza Air Base (CE), Recife Air Base (PE), Campina Grande (PB) e Mossoró (RN)


Countries: Brazil, Argentina, France, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela
Observers: Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay
Aircraft: Brazil (Mirage III, F-5, A-1, AT-26, A-29, AT-27, R-99, SC-95, H-34, H-50, H-1H, KC-137, KC-130); Argentina (IA-58 Pucará, A-4AR Fightinghawk); Chile (A-37B Dragonfly); France (Mirage 2000, E-3F Sentry); Venezuela (KC-707, VF-5A, Mirage 50, F-16); and Uruguay (IA-58 Pucara, A-37B Dragonfly)
Places: Campo Grande Air Base (MS), Anápolis Air Base (GO), Uberlândia (MG), Brasília Air Base (DF) e Jataí (GO).


CRUZEX IV – 2008
Countries: Brazil, Chile, France, Uruguay and Venezuela
Observers: Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Great Britain, Peru and Paraguay
Aircraft: Brazil (F-5, Mirage 2000, A-1, A-29, RA-1, E-99, SC-95, C-130, C-105, C-95, KC-130, KC-137, H-1H, H-50, H-34, H-60, VU-35); Chile (F-5 III, KB-707); France (Mirage 2000); Uruguay (A-37 Dragonfly, IA-58 Pucara); and Venezuela (F-16)
Places: Natal Air Base (RN), Fortaleza Air Base (CE), Recife Air Base (PE), Campina Grande (PB) e Mossoró (RN)


CRUZEX V – 2010
Countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France, United States
Observers: Bolivia, Ecuador, Canada, England, Colombia and Paraguay
Aircraft: Brazil (F-5, Mirage 2000, A-1, A-29, E-99, C-105, C-130, C-95, H1-H, H-60, H-34, KC-137, UH-14); Argentina (A-4, KC-130); Chile (F-16, KC-135); France (Mirage 2000, Rafale); United States (F-16, KC-135); and Uruguay (A-37 Dragonfly, IA-58 Pucara)
Places: Natal Air Base (RN), Fortaleza Air Base (CE), Recife Air Base (PE), Campina Grande (PB) e Mossoró (RN)


CRUZEX C2 – Command and Control 2012
Countries: Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, United States, France, Great Britain, Peru, Sewden, Uruguay and Venezuela
Observer: Portugal
Places: Natal Air Base (RN)


CRUZEX VI – 2013
Countries: Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela
Aircraft: Brazil (F-5EM/FM, F-2000 Mirage, R/A-1 Falcão, A-29 Super Tucano, K/C-130H Hércules, E-99, SC-105 Amazonas, H-1H Iroquois, H-60 BlackHawk, H-34 Super Puma e AH-2 Sabre). Other countries: (fighter aircraft F-16 Fighting Falcon e A-37 Dragonfly).
Places: Natal Air Base (RN) and Recife Air Base (PE)

Video CRUZEX 2018




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