CRUZEX 2018 - Multinational exercise organized by the Brazilian Air Force brings together 14 countries and more than one hundred aircraft

CRUZEX 2018 – Multinational exercise organized by Brazilian Air Force gathers 14 countries and more than one hundred aircraft The 8th edition of Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise will occur in Natal (RN), from November 18th to November 30th Brazilian Air Force (FAB) executes the 8th edition of Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise (CRUZEX), in Natal (RN), from November 18th to November 30th. This edition gathers about one hundred aircraft from 14 countries. Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Peru, Uruguay and United States will participate with militaries and airplanes. Bolivia, India, Sweden, United Kingdom and Venezuela participate as observers. Portugal will bring special forces and, along with Germany and France, will give lectures at the seminar on the use of air power in United Nations missions.

The exercise organized by Brazilian Air Force allows the crews to train air combat in combined operations, that is, different nations acting in conflict scenarios in an integrated and cooperative way, promoting the exchange of experiences among the members of the participating air forces.

“CRUZEX allows the exchange of operational skills. In addition to strengthening ties between countries, it makes it possible to aggregate knowledge of other nations with experiences in joint action scenarios”, says the director of CRUZEX, Major-General Luiz Guilherme Silveira de Medeiros.

CRUZEX is the largest multinational and joint air combat exercise performed by Brazilian Air Force – as it also gathers Brazilian Army and Navy.

The scenarios prepared for training involves both conventional and unconventional warfare. In conventional warfare scenario, the so-called “COMAOs” (Composite Air Opertaions) will be performed. In this exercise, there is a “package” with about 40 to 50 aircraft of different natures. They take off in sequence to – in limited time and space - carry out missions with common or complementary objectives.

One of this edition's innovations is the addition of training in unconventional warfare scenarios (UW scenario), in which combat is against insurgent or paramilitary forces and not between two constituted States. These are situations found in missions where the United Nations (UN) operates.

According to the Exercise director, for Brazilian Air Force, the importance of training the unconventional scenario lies in the possibility of sending Brazilian aircraft to integrate UN missions. “If it happens, we need to be prepared”, explains Major-General Medeiros. CRUZEX will allow Brazilians to train with foreign militaries who already performed this kind of mission in North Atlantic Treaty Organization's context (NATO).

Aircraft and delegations – Participating countries will move fighter aircraft, like North-americans and Chilean's F-16; freighters and airlift aircraft, like Canadian's CC-130J. United States participate with approximately 130 militaries, one KC-135 airlift aircraft and six F-16 fighter aircraft.

Chilean Air Force participates with a similar effort: five F-16 fighter aircraft and one KC-135 airlift aircraft. Among the pilots and the maintenance team, the delegation will have around 90 military personnel. This is the fourth time that Chile participates in CRUZEX.

Peru will bring four A-37 and four Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft, and a delegation of around one hundred militaries. France participates with one C-235 freighter; Canada will bring two CC-130J cargo aircraft and Uruguay will participate with four A-37 fighter aircraft.

Brazilian Air Force will move around 70 different kinds of aircraft to Ala 10, besides AF-1 aircraft from Brazilian Navy, that will participate in the exercise for the first time.

ABOUT CRUZEX – Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise (CRUZEX) is a multinational aircraft operation headed by Brazilian Air Force since 2002. The goal is to simulate missions in modern warfare environments.

The first edition (CRUZEX I) occurred in 2002 in Canoas (RS) e gathered three countries: Brazil, Argentina and France. Chile participated as observer.

The second edition (CRUZEX II) was held in Natal (RN) two years later, in 2004, and gathered four countries: Argentina, Brazil, France and Venezuela. South Africa, Peru, Uruguay were observers.

In 2006, the third edition (CRUZEX III) occurred in Anápolis (GO) e had the participation of seven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In the fourth edition (CRUZEX IV), performed in 2008, in Natal (RN), five countries participated: Brazil, Chile, France, Uruguay and Venezuela. Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Great Britain, Peru and Paraguai were present as observers.

In 2010, the fifth edition (CRUZEX V) occurred in Natal (RN) and gathered five participating countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France and United States) e six observers (Bolivia, Ecuador, Canada, England, Colombia and Paraguai).

The exercise sixth edition, performed in 2012, was dedicated exclusively to the Command and Control Area (CRUZEX C2) and was also held in Natal (RN). It gathered 12 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, United States, France, Great Britain, Peru, Sweden, Uruguay and Venezuela. Portugal participated as observer.

The last edition occurred five years ago, in 2013, in Natal (RN). CRUZEX Flight gathered eight countries: Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, United States, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela.