Brazilian and Canadian paratrooper participate in certification ceremony

30 November 2018 by Ingles 2524 Views
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On this Thursday afternoon (29), a certification ceremony for Brazilian and Canadian paratroopers was realized during CRUZEX 2018. More than 100 militaries from the Brazilian Navy, Army and Air Force received honorary certificates from Canadian paratroopers for being participants in parachuting activities in aircrafts of that country. In the same ceremony, Canadian militaries received certificates honorary from Brazilian paratroopers for being participants in parachuting activities in aircrafts of the Brazilian Air Force. “This certificate exchange is a tradition and we started to think about it in the moment we knew that friendly nations would be participants in the Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise”, explained Colonel Davi Agnello de Araújo, from the Brazilian Army.
The Director of CRUZEX 2018, General Medeiros, and Chief of the Exercise Control Division, Colonel Antunes, participated in the ceremony, in which the present sang the the “Eternal Hero” song, a tribute to paratroopers.
During the event, an explanation of the certificate meaning was read: “The paratrooper badges are an example of high significance and common prestige in all military units that are able to execute a vertical involvement. They are alike in international levels because they have two unifying elements, the parachute and the silver wings. The honorary Brazilian parachutist certificate for militaries was created to strengthen the cooperation ties among the friendly nations armed forces, being fundamented in Article 87 of the General Rules for Air and Ground Actions, which predicts that the certificates of Brazilian military and honorary parachutist are given to the foreign military that executes at least one parachute jump from a flying Brazilian aircraft, in missions with Parachute Infantry Brigades. The article typifies a military paratrooper tradition to a global level”.

Text: Lieutenant Emília Maria

Photograph: Seargent Marcella Perez

Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance