“Old Eagles” visit CRUZEX 2018

28 November 2018 by Ingles 1046 Views
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On November 28th, took place the “Old Eagles” event, which is a way of recognizing the valuable service of officers that have worked in the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).
The event started with a presentation about CRUZEX 2018, conducted by the Exercise Control Division director, Colonel Antunes, at the Center for Media and Visitors.

More than 50 militaries were received, among them were senior and general officers, retired from FAB. At the presentation, the structure and organization of the largest operational exercise in Latin America was shown.

After lunch, participants went to the historical exhibition Trampolim da Vitória, organized in Augusto Severo Airport, where materials about the history of Natal Air Base during the World War II can be found. There is also an exhibition of plastic models and Alberto Santos-Dumont historical photographs.

Lieutenant-General Burnier, one of the idealizers of the first CRUZEX, said that the there was an evolution since the first edition. “I was very happy with what has been shown in CRUZEX 2018 presentation. I idealized and participated in the first five Exercises and I could see the great evolution that has happened, including technological innovations in the FLIGHT model. We brought this idea from an exercise held in France. It is a pleasure to see the organization that is actually made”, pointed the general.
To the Exercise Director of CRUZEX 2018, General Luiz Guilherme Silveira de Medeiros, the “Old Eagles” is very important. “All these events are important because those who idealized this exercise, that is, the Air Force, owes to this people. We shown FAB's evolution and, mainly, the evolution of its values as an institution”, says the director.

Text: Lieutenant Roberto Mega
Photograph: Soldier Simplício

Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance