Brazilian and Chilean authorities participate in the activities of CRUZEX 2018

21 November 2018 by Ingles 1013 Views
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On this Tuesday and Wednesday (20 and 21), Brazilian and Chilean authorities have been in Ala 10, Natal (RN), oto follow the activities of Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise - CRUZEX 2018.
On Tuesday, the Defense Minister, Joaquim Silva e Luna, met the Air Force Commander, Lieutenant-General Nivaldo Luiz Rossato and the Preparation Commander (COMPREP), Lieutenant-General Antonio Carlos Egito do Amaral, in the training area. Check the video about the visit of Brazilian authorities and the flight of the Defense Minister in a fighter aircraft.

The Director of the Exercise, General Luiz Guilherme Silveira de Medeiros, presented an overview of the training to Brazilian and Chilean authorities, on this Wednesday.
The Chilean Defense Minister, Alberto Espina, and the Chilean Air Force Commander, General Arturo Bernardo Merino Núñez, followed by other delegation members, received information about previous editions of the exercise, its participants, goals and timeline.

General Medeiros emphasiezed the Chilean Air Force participation in the Exercise in previous years. He also talked about the participation of the Brazilian Army and Navy for the first time in the training. The officer highlighted another innovation: actions involving unconventional war, that is, an Armed Forces combat against insurgent or paramilitary forces and not between two constituted States. This is the kind of scenario found in UN peacekeeping missions. After the presentation, the authorities visited the Exercise facilities and followed some of the activities executed by the militaries from the 13 participating countries.

Text: Lieutenant Emília Maria
Photograph: Seargent Marcella Perez

Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance