Collection of materials at the airfield collaborates with flight security

28 November 2018 by Ingles 1659 Views
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Aiming at helping to assure flight security during CRUZEX 2018, about 200 militaries performs, daily, a scan around the Ala 10. The search is for any kind of object that can damage the airplanes. “We collect anything that can be 'swallowed' by the aircraft, such as rests of materials like wires and screws”, exemplifies Lieutenant Bruno Dunhan, who was at the scan line this morning (27).

The job, known in the aviation as Foreign Object Damage, is one of the activities related to incident and accident prevention that occur not only during the operational exercise, as explains the Lieutenant-Colonel Fabio Baeta Freire, from the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Air Accidents (CENIPA).

The officer is participating in CRUZEX and points that, during the training, the scan area is divided in four parts and has the collaboration of all the participating squadron, to be more efficient. After collected, materials are taken to the Flight Safety Cell, where the militaries can evaluate them. “We analyse what has been collected - and in which areas - so that we can take the necessary actions. For example, if there is bigger incidence in one particular region, we will take actions like security alert and intensification of the local cleansing” says he.

The most important aspect, according to Flight Safety Cell, is the participation of everyone in the collection process. “Our goal in the exercise is to assure the increase of operational capacity and, for that, we need to have flight safety. The great amount of involved aircraft requires even closer attention to imminent risks”, complements Lieutenant-Colonel Baeta.


Text: Lieutenant Emília Maria

Photograph: Seargeant Bianca Viol

Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance