World War II veteran visits CRUZEX

29 November 2018 by Ingles 917 Views
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 On this Thursday morning (11/29), a group of elderly generally helped by the Air Force Social Service Center in Natal visited the area where CRUZEX 2018 takes place. Among the more than 20 elderly, retired militaries, was the military initiative Raimundo Nonato de Lima, who was at the Italy Campaign during World War II, as nurse assistant.

The military, 99 years old, has two sons that followed his steps in the Armed Forces. He remembers that the scenario found in the conflict by the Brazilian was of despair. “There was no quietness and, still, we couldn’t answer everyone. To some wounded, there was no solution: just a pain killing shot”, remembers him. About the visit, he said he was happy to return home. “I’ve come in other CRUZEX, but all of them had less planes. This one is a record”, says him.

Another retired military that participated in the visit was the Subofficer Raimundo Braz. At 80, he finished his masters on the participation of Brazil in the World War II. “I’ve always been interested by this subject because I came to FAB as aircraft mechanic and the first plane I’ve worked was the P-47 - aircraft operated by Brazil during the war”, said him.

According to the Social Service Chief, Lieutenant Camila Santiago, this group of retired militaries is accompanied in constant meetings, in which issues about life quality in elderly lives are brought to question. “These militaries miss a lot their military lives. Bringing them here during CRUZEX is a way of allowing them to live those memories again”, says she.


Text: Lieutenant Gabrielli

Photos: Sergeant Marcella