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Question 1 - I received an e-mail inviting me to bid on a RFQ. Where can I access the RFQ?


Go to, on the SUPPLIERS AREA, click on the B2B SYSTEM. Use your cage code as your Supplier Id, and type your password. At the tab "Quotations/RFQ" you will find the RFQs that you were invited to participate.

Question 2 - What if I don't know, or forgot my password.


At the log in screen, click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link. Then, type your cage code and e-mail address, and click confirm. Your password will arrive soon at the e-mail address we have on your company's profile.

Question 3 - What is my Supplier Id?


For our B2B System, you will use your company's Cage Code number as the Supplier ID, unless instructed otherwise.


Question 4 - Where can I get the results of the RFQs?


After successfully logged in, go to the Quotations/RFQ tab and click on the "Result of RFQ" option. Type in the RFQ number or BAC#, and click Search. Note that only RFQs that were awarded by a PO will be shown on this screen.


Question 5 - I can't see some of the POs that I previously could see.


Once you click on a PO, it will automatically flag this PO as acknowledged. If you want to visualize a PO again, you need to uncheck the "Only without Acknowledgement date' check box.


Question 6 - What RFQ stands for?


RFQ means Request for Quote. A RFQ can contain multiple items.


Question 7 -What is a BAC#?

BAC stands for Brazilian Aeronautical Commission. A BAC# is a code assigned to individual items that we are currently requesting quotes. One RFQ may contain several items.


Question 8 - Can I access other RFQs other than the ones that are showing on the "On line bid" and on the "download RFQ" options?


Yes. All RFQs are available to you by using the "Search Active RFQ" link. You just need to enter few values to narrow your search. In case you see various RFQs that your company is able to supply, please, update your company's Federal Supply Classes registered with us at the "Update - Register" option on the Vendor's Access site.


Question 9 - Can I respond to a RFQ that is already closed?


No. You have until the closing date and time to respond to the RFQs. If you are having technical difficulties, make sure you contact the procurement agent responsible for the quote. Their e-mail address is listed in the e-mail notification you received earlier. In some cases, due to difficulties, you may e-mail your response until the closing date and time.


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