The new edition of Brazilian Air Force's magazine – Aerovisão - is now available online in bilingual format (Portuguese and English). The publication presents the backstage and expectations of CRUZEX Exercise. The magazine also brings information about 50th anniversary of Bandeirante airplane, which has boosted the Brazilian aeronautical industry - now one of the largest in the world.The interviewee for this edition is Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. She talks about Brazil's potential in space sector and the possibilities of international partnerships for mutual development.      



The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) opens on Tuesday (18) the press accreditation for the journalistic coverage of the Cruzex 2018. The multinational exercise conducted by Brazil will bring together foreign Air Forces to train air combat from November 18 to 30 in Natal (RN).

Accreditation of press professionals is mandatory to have access to Ala 10, where the exercise will be held.

For Brazilian journalists, the form is available here: https: //

For foreign journalists, the form is available here:

Those interested should fill out the form (as per link below) and send a recent photo in 5x7 cm format and a scanned identification document to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Brazilian journalists, it is mandatory to provide the identification document with the CPF number (Individual Registration Number). For journalists of other nationalities it is mandatory to inform the passport number and digital submission of the identification page.

Media Day

The first day (19/11) of the exercise will be devoted to press service, including a press conference and a flight to record images. The number of professionals able to board the media flight is limited. The selection of professionals will follow the rules established by the Cruzex press office.

On other days there will also be attendance to press requests.

From November 20, professional photographers (spotters) interested in taking pictures of aircraft take-off will have access to the points selected by the organization of the event.

All press requests will be handled by the Cruzex press office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance


One of the novelties of the Technical Exercise BVR (EXTEC BVR) 2018, that is being held at Ala 2, in Anápolis - GO, is the participation of the First Squadron of Interception and Attack Aircraft (VF-1 Squadron) of the Brazilian Navy. During the exercise, which ends on Thursday (06SEPT), the VF-1 Squadron, in its 20 years of existence, performed the first flight in a COMAO (Composite Air Operations), commonly called "voo de pacote" with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

The participation of the Brazilian Navy in the EXTEC BVR was an invitation from the Preparation Command (COMPREP), aiming at the training of the VF-1 Squadron for CRUZEX 2018, an exercise for which they will also take part for the first time and that will take place at Ala 10, in Natal - RN, from 18 to 30 November. "It is important to carry out the doctrinal exchange, so that they know how we operate and for us to know how they operate", points out COMPREP’s Doctrine Division Assistant and Coordinator of the BVR Exercise air activities, Major Av. Nicolas Silva Mendes.

The VF-1 began its participation in the EXTEC BVR with simpler flights, called FIT (Forces Integration Training) and, on August 28th, it performed its first flight in COMAO. Major Nicolas explains the operational gain of interoperability with the Navy. "In the EXTEC BVR packages, we use the air defense aircraft to make protection and the Striker aircraft to carry out the attack. In this scenario, we are taking advantage of the capabilities that the Navy has in its modernized aircraft, such as radar, for example, and the Navy is taking advantage of our planes’ capabilities. It is certainly an operational and doctrinal gain for the two Forces", he emphasizes.

For the Commander of the VF-1 Squadron, Commander (Marines) Anderson de Brito Coelho, it is a challenge to be in this Exercise, for being the first time we participate in such training, but it is also an opportunity to test the capabilities of the aircraft that the Navy has modernized. "We always aim at the interoperability between the Forces, we learn from the FAB and it learns from us, as well. In the end, we have a complete Aerospace Defense, because we have been able to bring all the learning acquired here to strengthen the Space Defense of the Naval Force", he says.

Translation: Marcia Lucas Leal Mello – DAS 3 (Cenipa)


The Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for Cruzex Flight 2018 Exercise was held from 5 to 9 March, at Ala 10, in Natal - RN, attended by representatives of Air Forces from 13 countries: Sweden, Argentina, Portugal, Peru, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Uruguay, England and the United States. The objective was to promote interaction among participating nations, present initial planning, and have each representative from foreign delegations to bring their operational and support demands. The Operational Exercise will take place in Natal, between November 18 and 30, of this current year. The Air Forces of 21 countries were invited to actively take part in the Exercise or be present only as observers.

Translation: Marcia Lucas Leal Mello – DAS 3 (Cenipa)