Partnership between Potiguar University and Brazilian Air Force enables internship in the exercise

20 November 2018 by Ingles 570 Views
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Undergraduate students of Journalism, Audiovisual Production and Publicity and Advertising will realize an internship in CRUZEX 2018

The Brazilian Air Force has partnered with the Potiguar University, in Natal (RN), to enable an internship of Social Communication students during CRUZEX 2018. During the training, thirteen university students of Journalism, Audiovisual Production and Publicity and Advertising will help with content production, such as news, articles, infographics, videos and podcasts, during the exercise coverage. The students will be supported by the Air Force Social Communications Center (CECOMSAER), the unit responsible for managing the communication processes, that has assembled a work cell to meet the demands of CRUZEX.

According to Thiago Garcia, the professor responsible for the interns, the students were chosen in line with theirs interests, profiles and aptitudes. For him, the partnership promotes the integrated growth of the students, both theoretically and practically. The professor explains that the contact with the labour market enables the intern to develop characteristics, abilities and competences related to their growth as citizens and ethical professionals. “I believe that they will develop relationship capacities with the managers of each sector in CRUZEX, which is an operation composed by processes, hierarchy, flows and systems, in addition to resilience, as the exercise characteristics impose”, says the professor.

One of the interns, Ana Aica Gomes da Costa, student in the fourth year of Journalism, tells that the invitation has aroused great interest in the group. It is an extremely new experience, a great chance of enrichment and professional growth. My expectation is that I can engage with dedication and learn everything I can about Journalism”, says the student, 19-year old.

According to Colonel Rodrigo Fontes, from CECOMSAER, the unit responsible for the partnership, this is not the first time that CRUZEX uses students of Social Communications. For him, it is an important opportunity of exchanging knowledge and of learning with real situations in an operational exercise of this proportion. “The training not only involves a big aerial effort with more than one hundred aircraft – thirty of them belongs to foreign countries -, it also involves several initiatives in the Communication area, in which there are more than 150 participating press professionals. In addition to this, there is the necessity of content production to be released in different platforms. For the interns and us, it is a great growth opportunity”, says him.

Texto: Lieutenant Tenente Gabrielli Dala Vechia

Photography: Seargents Bianca Viol e Marcela Perez

Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance