FAB organizes press conference during CRUZEX 2018

19 November 2018 by Ingles 584 Views
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About 100 press professionals and aviation specialized media participated in a press conference about the Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise - CRUZEX 2018 - this Monday (19). The Director of the exercise, General Luiz Guilherme, presented the main aspects of the training e answered to the questions, accompanied by representatives of seven countries.

The Brazilian general talked about the goals, the structure and the schedule of CRUZEX. “The main goal is to improve interoperability, both with the Brazilian Army and Navy and also with foreign forces. That is why we need to train our combat equipments, that is, the personnel in ground and in flight”, highlights him.

The representative of the Chilean Air Force, Major-General Leonardo Romanini Gutiérrez, emphasized that the joint action among the countries is already constant. “There is a permanent cooperation among us, through the Cooperation System among American Airlines Forces. This Exercise serves as a training to improve interoperability in real situations”, says him.

 For the Canadian militaries, knowing and working with other countries is important in the case of a a joint action necessity. “Our governments understand that it is important to create professional and personal ties so that we are able to work better together, if it's necessary”, comments Major Eric Willrich.

The Commander of Ala 149, American unit participating in the Exercise, Colonel Raul Rosario, thanked the support of the Brazilian Air Force since the planning of CRUZEX 2018 e also talked about the training goals. “The main goal is to operate together, like equals. Doing that in a safe way and increasing our level of preparation and readiness", says. 

Text: Lieutenant Emília Maria

Photography: Seargent Bianca Viol

Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance