CRUZEX - Exercise begins with familiarization and training flights

19 November 2018 by Ingles 958 Views
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The first FAM-FIT takeoffs have already started in CRUZEX 2018

CRUZEX 2018 FAM-FIT flights started this morning (19). The initials FAM-FIT stand for Familiarization Flight (FAM) and Forces Integration Training (FIT). This initial phase is fundamental to the execution of the main scenarios of regular warfare, which will be trained with the Composite Air Operations (COMAO), and irregular warfare.

“The first two days of exercise are dedicated to the pilots that do not operate in Natal, including Brazilians. The goal is to adapt the pilots to the aerodrome and the region”, says the Chief of the Control Division of CRUZEX, Colonel Francisco Bento Antunes Neto.

FIT flights are a preparation to COMAO - also known as package flight, in which several aircraft (around 50), of different kinds, takeoff in sequence to execute actions that aim a main goal, in a limited space and time. In this kind of flights, there is a division of what is done in a integrated way in COMAO. Fighter and transport aircraft, for example, execute their mission isolatedly, so that they are ready to act together in the package flights, which begin next Wednesday (20)

While FAM flights only happens in the first two days, FIT flights follow the exercise and will be performed during the afternoon.

The first FAM flight was executed by Jambock Squadron (10 GAVCA), which operates Brazilian F-5M, together with the Chilean F-16. According to Major Mighel, from Jambock Squadron, there were two fighters from each country, executing a navigation flight in a pre-planned circuit. “These flights are important to familiarize Brazilian and foreign pilots with ground procedures, communication frequencies, takeoff and landing procedures, operation characteristics in the region and the exercise scenario”, says Major Miguel.

Text: Lieutenant Gabrielli Dala Vechia

Photography: Sargento Bianca Viol

Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance