CRUZEX 2018 begins this Sunday (18) in Natal (RN)

19 November 2018 by Ingles 1805 Views
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The training gathers 13 countries and will happen until November, 30th

The opening of Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise - CRUZEX 2018 - happened this Sunday (18), with a general briefing and the official photo, that gathered almost 2000 Brazilian and foreign militaries and some of the aerial means that will participate in the Exercise organized by the Brazilian Air Force.

The Exercise Director, General Luiz Guilherme Silveira de Medeiros, emphasizes that the priority is to keep the operational security. The general also highlights the importance of exchanging experiences. “To achieve an adequate level of training, this exchange of experiences is essential. CRUZEX is also important because of the interoperability: the Army and the Navy will participate in this edition, including the unconventional war scenario, which is one of the main innovations in this edition”, says him.

The unconventional war scenario, mentioned by the Director, refers to a combat in the Armed Forces that is against insurgent or paramilitary powers and not against two constituted States. This is the kind of scenario found in the UN peacekeeping missions.

CRUZEX is a multinational operational exercise held by the Brazilian Air Force since 2002. It aims the joint training of conflict scenarios, promoting exchange of experiences between the participating countries.

This year's edition will happen in Ala 10, in Natal (RN), from November 18th and November 30th, and will gather 13 countries, including Brazil. It also will put together 2000 military personnel and 100 Brazilian and foreign aircraft. It is the largest joint multinational exercise promoted by the Brazilian Air Force.

Text: Lieutenant Emília Maria

Photography: Seargents Bianca Viol e Johnson Barros/CECOMSAER

Translation: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance

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