Meeting presents guidelines for Cruzex Flight 2018

20 September 2018 by


The Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for Cruzex Flight 2018 Exercise was held from 5 to 9 March, at Ala 10, in Natal - RN, attended by representatives of Air Forces from 13 countries: Sweden, Argentina, Portugal, Peru, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Uruguay, England and the United States. The objective was to promote interaction among participating nations, present initial planning, and have each representative from foreign delegations to bring their operational and support demands. The Operational Exercise will take place in Natal, between November 18 and 30, of this current year. The Air Forces of 21 countries were invited to actively take part in the Exercise or be present only as observers.

Translation: Marcia Lucas Leal Mello – DAS 3 (Cenipa)