DIRINFRA will be present in CRUZEX 2018

16 November 2018 by Ingles 559 Views
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The Board will serve specifically in infrastrucure support and in activities of fire protection

The Aeronautics Infrastructure Board (DIRINFRA) participates in Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise, held in Natal (RN), from November 18th to November 30th, serving  in infrastrucure support and in activities of fire protection.Before the exercise begins, the Board was responsible for several actions, such as Chameleon Operation, in which the yard was painted, providing the horizontal signs of the spots reserved to the aircraft; the grouding system, responsible for protecting the aricraft case from atmospheric discharges; fireman training to handle different substances, like hydrazine (fuel); and the assembling of eleven small hangars.

“An operation of this proportion is an unique oportunity for exchanging information among the participating countries and also of improving the courses of actions in real situations. And for us, it is an honor to support techinically and logistically, as this operational exercise is the largest one in which the Brazilian Air Force participates in South America”, highlights the Director of Aeronautics Infrastructure, Major-General Sérgio de Matos Mello.

During CRUZEX, through the Fire Protection Division, DIRINFRA will support the fire protection, providing special vehicles in order to help in possible aeronautics emergencies, like the Fire Protection Cars (CCI) – vehicles prepared for fire protection and aerodromes rescuing.

Through the work of its personnel, besides the ones that belong to the local Fire Protection System, the teams will daily work to guarantee that event follows the security rules, as predicts the current legislation. The militaries will also act preventing accidents and cleaning the runways to avoid objetcs that might cause risks to aviation.The Aeronautics Infrastructure Board (DIRINFRA) has as its mission: to plan, to standardize and to manage the activities related to real estate assets, field engineer equipment, environmental management and fire protection.

Text By: Lieutenant Anelise da Silva

Edited By: Lieutenant Emilia Maria

Translation By: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance

Photograph: DIRINFRA