FAB’s delegation visit Natal’s surroundings to talk about CRUZEX

14 November 2018 Ingles 921 Views
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A community in the region is being informed about the movement that will happen in November

This Monday (5), a delegation composed by 19 militaries from Ala 10, an Air Force unit located in Parnamirim (RN), visited Pureza, a city in the east side of Rio Grande do Norte, where the Maxaranguape Shooting Range is located The visit had the aim of preparing the population to the air and land movements that will take place in the city during Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise (CRUZEX), which will be held from November 8th to November 30th, in Ala 10 and Maxaranguape.
In the public schools of Pureza, they received information about the activities that will occur in shooting range. The residents heard, for example, that all the predicted operations follow national and international flight security protocols for military aviation.

One of the institutions visited was the Jarbas Passarinho Municipal School, in which students from 11 classes from 5th to 9th grade participated in the lectures.“The militaries were well received, the students asked lots of questions and came out well informed. Now they are calm and curious, waiting for the beggining of this operation to see the airplanes in the sky”, says Francisca de Paula Batista Costa, Educational Coordinator.

During the visit to Maria Antonia State School, the student Renata Lopes de Araújo, 10 years old, had the first contact with the Brazilian Air Force military. “People from the Air Force was very nice, they gave us a little comic book that explains everything they do and they told us not to worry, because the planes in the sky will be in the training and everything is controlled by them, there is no danger”, tells the student.Besides the schools, a public hearing was held in the city, attended by representatives of civil society, such as the Catholic and Evangelical churches, and government. Information material is also being distributed in schools of Natal and Parnamirim, as well as the residents’ associations of Parmamirim, where Ala 10 is located, a FAB’s unit that will host the Operation. During the operation, an average of two hundred landings and takeoffs per day is expected, an aerial movement 2.5 times greater than what is normally recorded when the squadron of Ala 10 operation. In additionm there will be parachute launching.This is why the Air Force has mobilized a team of military personnel, under the coordination of the Air Force Social Communication Center (CECOMSAER), to talk with the communities of Natal, Parnamirim and Pureza and their representatives, as those cities are directly involvedin CRUZEX. “We know that an exercise of this proportion alters the region routine, with fighter aircraft, helicopters and parachute launching, what escapes the daily life of the residentes.However, the airspace protection training and the exchange with other Forces provide an increase in FAB’s capability levels, says Porém, o treinamento de proteção do espaçoaéreo e o intercâmbio com as outrasForçasproporcionamelevação do nível das capacidades da FAB", emphasizes the Chief of the Corporate Communications Division of CECOMSAER, Colonel Aviator Rodrigo Fontes de Almeida.

Other informative actions

Representatives of Parnamirim, Natal and Pureza(RN) and Parnamirim’s residents associations attended meetings in Ala 10 to talk about the exercise, on October 25thand 26th. Visitors participated in a lecture about CRUZEX and knew the operational area of Ala 10. In addition to Natal, Parnamirim and Pureza, information is also being sent to the media and opinion makers from the cities of Rio do Fogo, JoãoCâmara, Caicó and Mossoró, in Rio Grande do Norte, and Souza, in Paraíba. These cities are inserted in the aircraft overflight areas during the operation.
The movement of more than two thousand participants will be noticed mainly by the residents of the region of Natal and Parnamirim, areas that will have tourist activity and benefits to the service sector, since the visitors will be hosted outside the military bases. The exercise will involve about two thousand people, 1,200 Brazilian and foreign military visitors, who will arrive in the potiguar capital from November 15th on.


Text By: Lieutenant Juliana Lopes

Edited By: Lieutenant Emilia Maria

Translation By: Lieutenant Ludmila Milhorance

Photography By: Soldier Simplicio/Ala 10